/HowTo: Register to Globe SuperUnli

HowTo: Register to Globe SuperUnli

Globe’s Super-Unli promo allows you to make unlimited call and text to any Globe/TM number, other networks(Smart, Sun, Red), landline numbers, and IDD calls are not included in the promo and will be billed on top of your current bill.

To subscribe to Globe’s Super-Unli:

Text SUPER150 to 2824.

To make unlimited calls, change the 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe / TM number you are calling (eg 238917xxxxxxx).  If you forget to use the 238 prefix, you will be charge the regular rate instead of the Super-Unli rate (which is free :)).

For unlimited texts, all your SMS after successfully registering to Super-Unli within 5 days or 120 hours will be free of charge

Text SUPER HELP to 2824 for free if you need more information.