Toshiba ships 10.1″ Folio 100 slate in Europe

Toshiba is starting to ship it's Folio 100 tablets in several countries in Europe. The 10.1-inch slate is equipped with a 1024x600 capacitive multitouch display and powered by a dual-core 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 system-on-a-chip…

Neofonie WePad Atom-based Tablet

With Tablets seeming to be all the current craze, a German company named Neofonie steps up to the plate and introduces the WePad, an 11.6" Atom-based, Android-running Tablet. Read More

The Apple iPad unveiled!

Apple's latest creation has hit the tubes, a tablet PC built from an oversized iPod touch: the Apple iPad!  Silly name but an interesting product all the same. Official specs are available after the jump…

Freescale’s $200 Smartbook Tablet

While everyone's waiting for big named companies to reveal their upcoming tablet offerings (Apple, Microsoft, HP to name a few), Freescale has unveiled their tablet PC offering targeted for netbook market. Read More