/Torque Mobile Philippine Price List

Torque Mobile Philippine Price List

Torque Mobile offers quite a few of the most affordable and feature-packed phones in the Philippines.  Here’s a list of prices for Torque Mobile Phone units and then some:

Torque E50 Price
Torque E50: Php999
Torque E100 Price
Torque E50: Php1290
Torque D80 Price
Torque D80: Php2,300
Torque D88 Price
Torque D88: Php2,690
Torque D 110 Metal Price
Torque D110 Metal: Php3,290
Torque D220 Touch Price
Torque D220 Touch: Php3,290
Torque F1 Metal
Torque F1 Metal: Php3,990
Torque DTV 90 Price
Torque DTV 90: Php4,990
Torque DTV 100 Price
Torque DTV 100: Php4,990