/Yahoo! now officially powered by Bing

Yahoo! now officially powered by Bing

The transition from Yahoo’s own search engine to Microsoft’s latest search engine, Bing has begun.

Yahoo! announced the completed conversion today: its Web, image, and video search experiences on both desktop and mobile devices are now being served up by Bing (look at the footer to check). Note that this conversion currently only affects Yahoo’s English search results in the US and Canada. Microsoft says that other languages will follow “in the weeks and months ahead.”

Aside from replacing Yahoo!’s in-house search engine, the two companies are also working on the sponsored results in the sidebars. Yahoo’s search ad infrastructure will start replacing Microsoft’s AdCenter platform “later this fall,” but both companies have said they are willing to postpone the move till early next year as it may disrupt the holiday season. The revenue model for the Yahoo Search BOSS program still needs to be finalized, and many search-related tools for publishers will be released “in the months to come.”

source Ars Techinica