/Mininova deletes illegal content, goes legit

Mininova deletes illegal content, goes legit


After facilitating the easy take down of copyright infringing files, Mininova has removed ALL of it’s usual content from it’s search listings.  Poof.  Nada.  Zip.  Just like the Pirate Bay outfit (or at least before the TPB acquisition died off), Mininova is going legit and will be tracking (and displaying search results for) content deemed approved for distribution.  What that means?  Head to mininova and do a simple search and you’ll get the whole legit business.

However, just like when the great Suprnova torrent site went down, people will be moving out to other torrent search sites for their quick fix of copyrighted stuff.  The question is just where.  Demonoid is still down, and the Pirate bay is still experiencing downtime issues.

With torrent sites shutting down left and right, does this mean that the humble torrent is dying?  Not really.  As with the pirate bay, things will strongly shift towards decentralized ‘magnet link’ channels of distribution such as DHT and PEX.

[via TorrentFreak]