/Asus unveils 10″ And 12″ EeePad Tablet PCs

Asus unveils 10″ And 12″ EeePad Tablet PCs

Computex has arrived and for people looking forward to the tablet computer offerings that bear Microsoft’s OS, you’re in luck.  Asus has announced a couple of tablets for the expectedly named Eee Pad, the 12″ EP121 and the 10″ EP101TC.

Can you spot the Asus Eee Pad in this picture? 😀
Eee Pad EP121

Instead of cooking up a typical netbook/smartbook without the keyboard tablet PC, Asus equips the Eee Pad EP121 with a Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage Core 2 Duo processor and a full version of Windows 7 Home Premium which means it should be powerful enough to run most of your typical netbook-eccentric applications.  The Eee Pad EP121 can be docked via a dedicated port and function as a regular notebook (with a physical keyboard of course) or to your PC.

Spec as listed below:

  • 12″ screen
  • Intel Core 2 Duo CULV processor
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Two keyboard options: embedded virtual keyboard and docking station keyboard
  • Delivers more than 10 hours battery life (when docked)
  • Multiple modes: notebook docking and desktop docking
  • Webcam
  • Support for Adobe Flash, USB port, SD memory card
Eee Pad EP101TC
  • 10″ screen
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • Weighs 675g (1.49lbs)
  • Pocket friendly 12.2mm wide
  • Delivers more than 10 hours battery life

If you’re thinking, Hey, the specs for the EP101TC isn’t complete, don’t panic.  Asus still hasn’t announced anymore details from the items you see above.  I’ll push an update once Asus releases their spec-sheets.

No official word for price nor release date but it’s expected that the 12″ EP121 should hit the sweet spot of just under $500, while the smaller EP101TC will fetch a lower price point.