/Mac OS X Keyboard symbols

Mac OS X Keyboard symbols

I have been spending more or less year and a half on OS X and yet I’m still forgetting what the keyboard symbols mean (some of them anyway). If you’re like me, here’s a simple guide to these confusing keyboard symbols on OS X.

Symbol Name Notes
^ Control key not to be confused with circumflex or caret (^) Shift + 6
Option key Alt key if you’re on Windows
Command Key
Command Key This is for OLDER Macs, Apple has since switched to the ⌘ for most of their products
Shift key
Capslock Key
Esc or Escape
Delete key A.K.A backspace
Forward Delete key
Tab key
Return key
Enter key
↖ ⤒ ⤓ ↘ Home, PgUp, PgDown, End Keys
Clear key An application defined key found on extended keyboards