/AMD to ship several new processors

AMD to ship several new processors

AMD is updating their current line of processors for budget-conscious system-builders.  Nothing ground breaking since they’ll still be using existing core technologies but if you’re looking to build a cheap HTPC (like me), or are in need of an immediate upgrade, you may want to keep a look out for these new cores.

All these processors are AM3/AM2+ compatible which means they’ll work even if you have an older (relatively) motherboard without needing an expeditious motherboard upgrade.  Below is a table of the new processors arranged by number of cores (it’s confusing at first but just keep the core count as your reference).

New Processor Speed / Mhz Cores TDP Price Processor Replaced
Athlon II X4 640 3000 4 95W $122 Athlon II X4 635
Athlon II X4 610e 2400 4 45W $143 Athlon II X4 605e
Athlon II X3 445 3100 3 95W $87 Athlon II X3 440
Athlon II X3 415e 2500 3 45W $102 Athlon II X3 405e
Athlon II X2 260 3200 2 65W $76 Athlon II X2 255
Athlon II X2 245e 2900 2 45W $77 Athlon II X2 240

As with any update in processor models, you can expect the older models (the column to the furthest right) to drop down in price.  If you’re looking for an energy efficient rig however, you may want to check out the ‘e’-labeled processor models.