/Intel unveils 6-core i7-980X Gulftown

Intel unveils 6-core i7-980X Gulftown

6 Cores, 12 threads and a thousand dollar price, that’s Intel’s latest flagship processor, the i7-980X. Unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, Intel previewed it’s latest Core i7-980X Extreme Edition processor, the fastest single chip processor on the consumer market (taking the crown from.. you guess it another i7 processor).

The Gulftown is Intel’s first six-core processor fabricated at 32nm, capable of handling 12 computing threads at once. As part of the Extreme Edition line, the i7-980X is targeted at enthusiasts and hardcore-gamers who have enough cash to purchase one (or even two :D) of these benchmark monsters.

Specifications & Features

  • Core Frequency: 3.33GHz (Up To 3.6GHz w/ Turbo)
  • QPI Speed – 6.4GT/s
  • TDP (Thermal Design Power) – 130W
  • Stepping – 2
  • Number of CPU Cores – 6 (12 Threads w/ HT)
  • Intel SmarCache – 12MB
  • L2 Cache – 1.5MB (256K x 6)
  • Processor input voltage (VID) – .95v
  • .032-micron manufacturing process
  • Shared Smart Cache Technology
  • PECI Enabled
  • Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST)
  • Extended HALT State (C1E) Enabled
  • Execute Disable Bit (XD) Enabled
  • Intel 64 Technology
  • AES-NI: 12 new processor instructions
  • Intel Virtualization Technology (VT)
  • Packaging – Flip Chip LGA1366
  • Total Die Size: Approximately 248mm2
  • Approximately 1.17B Transistors
  • MSRP – $999

Intel bundles in a new stock cooler that matches it’s flagship processor speed with stylish looks we’d normally expect from Zalman, Coolermaster, etc.

Neat huh?

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