/Windows 7 Market Share Reaches 10%

Windows 7 Market Share Reaches 10%

Love em or hate em, you got to admit that Microsoft did something right with Windows 7 as their current flagship OS reaches 10% market share. And that’s only after three months of availability. That’s 1 in 10 computers accessing the Web, if the report from Net Applications is to be belived. Microsoft wasn’t kidding when they said Windows 7 was the fastest-selling operating system in the world.

If you’re off to buy OEM (pre-installed), you can get Windows XP, Vista (usually with a free Windows 7 upgrade) and Windows 7. While a lot of buyers prefer the lighter XP (especially on the netbook market) for their basic needs, there’s no doubting that demand for Windows 7 is high – whether as an upgrade to an existing installation on fresh out of the box.  People who buy their OS in boxes (meaning those who buy full retail) also prefer 7, especially since Microsoft is offering awesome student discounts :D.

Looking at the numbers, a lot of Windows 7 adopters have upgraded from their existing installation, with most migrators coming from Vista, proving that even if Microsoft had indeed fixed most of the issues from the last OS release, people still don’t like it :D.

Early in it’s life cycle, Microsoft is already prepping its first Service Pack for Windows 7.

[Image via: Net Applications]

Have you made the switch yet? If so, how is Windows 7 for you? If not what’s holding you back?