/Cyrsis Warhead at 7680×1600 on Radeon 5870

Cyrsis Warhead at 7680×1600 on Radeon 5870

That’s quite a bunch of numbers for a title but it pretty much sums up the video posted below. If you’re a big fan of ATI or simply following their current models then you’ve already heard or even read reviews of the Radeon 5XXX line. They’re built better than their 4XXX counterparts, more efficient and effectively, more powerful. Just how powerful? How about running Crysis: Warhead at a resolution of 7680 x 1600 on 3 LCD monitors?

And yes, it’s ran by a SINGLE ATI 5870 card.

Talk about awesome. 😀 Currently, Eyefinity (ATI’s new system that allows multi-monitor support) is only supported for single Radeon Cards. If you feel like doing some guesstimates, how many monitors do you think would 2 x 5870 cards in CrossFire can run? 😀

Hat tip to [reddit]