/How to remove JARGON.VBS

How to remove JARGON.VBS

I’ve encountered this virus/malware the other day and while it was fairly easy to remove, I thought it would be useful to provide instructions on how to remove jargon.vbs. A quick search on GOOG turned out several useless results (okay, a lot of useless results) so I thought of doing my part to help.

Here’s how you can remove JARGON.VBS from your computer and your infected flash drives.

  • Download: Flash Disinfector | Mirror
  • Run the Flash_Disinfector.exe. Explorer will close (your desktop will disappear leaving you with windows of currently running programs) and restart. This will have stopped the script.
  • Now you’ll have to delete the malware files so your system won’t get infected again, to do this you need to display hidden files.
    • Open My Computer.
    • Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options.
    • Select the View Tab.
    • Under the Hidden files and folders heading unselect Do not show hidden files and folders.
    • Browse your flash drive (DON’T CLICK AUTOPLAY or you’ll run the malware again) and remove the following files:
    • autorun.inf

      Repeat this step for all infected drives. 

    • Go to C:/Windows and delete
    • jargon.vbs
  • Congratulations, you’ve removed that annoying malware