/Dell / Alienware’s M11x Notebook – Yes, it Plays Crysis

Dell / Alienware’s M11x Notebook – Yes, it Plays Crysis

Big things do come in small packages as demonstrated by Alienware’s latest and smallest M11x Notebook. Packing with an 11.6-inch display and up to 6.5 hours of battery life you’ll probably guess offhand that this small unit is a netbook. On the contrary however, it’s a full pledged gaming notebook. And yes, it does play Crysis 😀

The M11x is packed with a Core 2 Duo processors and both Intel Integrated Graphics and a 1GB nVidia 335M graphics card (you can switch between them for normal use or gaming mode). Additions to this awesome unit are an HDMI, DisplayPort, Firewire, an a 3G SIM slot and an 8-cell battery that boasts upto 6.5 hours.

Want it? It’s just $999 🙁

The Alienware microsite has more info