Toshiba unveils Folio Android Tablet

Toshiba has unveiled their first bet into the Android tablet market with the Toshiba Folio 100, a 10.1-inch NVidia Tegra 2 powered Android tablet. If you're looking for a viable iPad alternative, the Folio 100…

Asus unveils 10″ And 12″ EeePad Tablet PCs

Computex has arrived and for people looking forward to the tablet computer offerings that bear Microsoft's OS, you're in luck.  Asus has announced a couple of tablets for the expectedly named Eee Pad, the 12"…

Neofonie WePad Atom-based Tablet

With Tablets seeming to be all the current craze, a German company named Neofonie steps up to the plate and introduces the WePad, an 11.6" Atom-based, Android-running Tablet. Read More

Freescale’s $200 Smartbook Tablet

While everyone's waiting for big named companies to reveal their upcoming tablet offerings (Apple, Microsoft, HP to name a few), Freescale has unveiled their tablet PC offering targeted for netbook market. Read More