/PlayStation 4 concept art

PlayStation 4 concept art

While everyone’s still reeling from news of the PS3 Slim’s release and inevitable disassembly, designer Tai Chiem think it’s about time to jump forward and looking into what’s in stored for the PlayStation 4. Yep, you read that right. It’s a concept for the hardware for the PlayStation 4.

Looks something straight out of science fiction doesn’t it? While it maybe farfetched, Tai’s work does seem plausible but maybe that’s too much Star Trek talking.  Just imagine it, a transparent screen right on the console with enough real estate for browsing a complex and intuitive XMB.

I’d love to see an actual prototype for this built AND played on  but as practicality kicks in, well.. it’s hard to play an intense game when you’re playing with something that looks and feels like glass >_>. Still it’s really an amazing concept.