/Welcome to Techie Xplorer!

Welcome to Techie Xplorer!

Techie what?  Techie Xplorer?  Yep, I decided to branch off my first blog, Atma Xplorer with a new site that carries a similar namesake:  Techie Xplorer.  To those who know me and are already pointing out that Pinoy Tech Guy is in conflict to this site, well, I’m closing off that site now and redirecting traffic here due to several reasons.  Besides, Techie Xplorer sounds a bit more catchy :D.

So what would you expect to be on Techie Xplorer?  Deriving it from the blog name, Techie Xplorer will cover gadgets, computing and anything technology-related.

Oh, as a side note, I’ll be moving some of my useful posts from Pinoy Tech Guy to here and add a 301 redirect for SEO purposes  :D.